Of Checks and Balances

via Daily Prompt: Blur

You walk down the fine line of checks and balances, of dreams and reality where you are offered the best (worst) of each world – of beauty and magnificence the right side offers you; of chaos and unorganized thoughts, the left side gives you.

And yet there you stand in between them two. Then one day, you reach a fork down the road.

It asks you like Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, which road will you take?

The Left side or the Right side?

Like any other sane person, you reach for that wonderful side of the road, of unicorns and rainbows, dreams and unparalleled beauty.

You said right and you went right.

With no second thought, no whatsoever.

Then as if insanity veered you left, the other side of the road appeared before your eyes offering you a platter of chaos and unorganized thinking.

You were supposed to say no but weirdly, you took the platter and started walking back to the other side of the road.

You’re crazy! Tweedle Dee said,

No! Come back here! Tweedle Dum all but shouted.

But you weren’t hearing any of it. Blindly, unthinkingly, stupidly, you still walked back to the left side of the road.

Cheshire Cat smiling smugly questioning if you are sure.

Then you answer, this has been my reality all the time, not those rainbows and unicorns, nor sunshine and green fields.



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