The Bucket List Dream

Well, hi there!

How to begin? First I have been writing since high school, though I only had the guts to take it seriously when I was in college. Since then I’ve been wanting to start a blog. For years I’ve thought of making one. And the reason as to why I haven’t done this in the last few years of my college life is because (1) I don’t know how and when to start and (2) I did try – with a hopeless attempt to update, personalize, and everything I could to several blog accounts. So I gave up (for a while) and decided to stick with Facebook notes.

But something was not quite right… It feels as though there is something out here that I’m missing… and then this blog happened. And thus the birth of That Loud Introvert (yehey me!).

Why Blog?

Well, in all honesty, writing serves as an outlet for all the thoughts swimming in my head. It serves as my noisy chaotic world where I say what I want to say and vent out everything and anything that comes my way. But really, I’m just your typical quiet young lass who could not even strike up a conversation with a few classmates. That irony, though.


Well, I’m not particularly good at describing myself but… mostly people tell me I’m a snob (but really? No!). And then some will claim that I’m quiet (as I have pointed out earlier) but ask my close friends and they’ll just laugh at you (kidding). I love to draw – the only talent I know I have. I don’t sing, I don’t dance, I don’t do jokes and pick-up lines  though I do want to try those things someday – singing and dancing, I mean (haha!). Books! Lots and lots of books! I have them in a spare room and I just can’t wait to have that personal mini library at home!

Am I Blabbering?

I’m sorry please do pardon my random blabbering out of nowhere. It’s become a habit, you know. Usually I just write according to subject but along the way I find myself so engross that I type and type and type and before I know it, I’ve written more than just the subject I was supposed to do.

I’ll do my best. I promise!

I write these things because I want to, not for fame or recognition, but just for self-fulfillment. It feels good to let it all out in writing you know. But of course when you read what I write, a feeling of excitement and gratefulness comes to me. So for that, I’ll do my best in writing and I do hope you find that same inspiration and satisfaction in what I do.



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