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Unconditional Love

“Hello,” greeted an unseen voice from over the phone. For a moment, my heart stopped beating as the familiar sound brought back me back to memory lane.

But the magic needed to end as I snap back to reality – the reality that the one person I was currently speaking to was a contractor, asking me details of what I sent them through email a few hours back.

My trip to memory lane was cut short as I snapped back to reality, regaining my exterior composure – calm and calculating against the frantic beating of my heart.

“Ma’am,” he greeted back, “I have my personnel on site who may double check the said concern at the unit,” to which I answered in the negative. Saying that the unit owner was unavailable at the moment.

A few more seconds over the phone and the conversation ended – leaving me still rattled and disoriented from the experience. Because for a moment back there, I thought I was actually hearing the voice of my deceased father for one last time.

That maybe, this was part of my unanswered prayer the following days and weeks of father’s death. That for one last time, we could hear him, hold him, and see him at the very least to finally bid that one bittersweet goodbye.

That maybe he was actually really on the other side of the phone and was going to ask how we were finally doing.

And it was in that few moments after the phone call that I realize how much it means to miss a man as great as he. That here we were, left with memories, with stories, pictures, a few videos, his diary from way back Saudi Arabia days, and a voice recording for one of his seminars or lectures – the one and only thing that would most probably come close to hearing his voice again.

You see, even in the midst of growing up, of having far too many responsibilities and obligations, not once will you truly forget nor stop yearning for the ones you hold dear – no matter the distance, no matter the circumstance.

Your love for them – it never really fades. It just goes stronger. Each and every single day.

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That Girl Crush

I was sitting on our lunch table when I saw you – a modern day Aphrodite.

Then, at the same moment you stepped to the open deck and found a table, I found myself composing words and sentences to capture the moment. And yet, I was not quick enough to fully draft you the admiration I had for your beauty for the few minutes I was seeing you.

But still I thought you ought to be praised, not for everyone’s sake or your’s, perhaps. But for the sake of the moment captured in a few minutes time.

You were such a gem, so fair skinned, tall, and brunette. You placed your coffee cup on the table, carefully laid your phone and your bag beside you with graceful and careful fingers. Then to my disbelief, you actually lit up a cigarette – a habit the would have sent my admiration gone in a snap.

And yet I just watched you and wondered how beautiful of a lady you could even be while smoking at that very moment.

And as I was typing away all my thoughts of you, suddenly your cigarette was gone, your things gathered up in one hand, your bag slung across your shoulder, and your coffee cup on the other hand. Finally you stood up, with the wind blowing across your face, walked up to the door, and went off to your next destination.

And just like that, you were gone. Gone as you will be in my mind and my eyes.

And as if time conspired with you when you left, all the admiration of that moment vanished into thin air, returning me to the lunch table I was presently at.